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Hands up to this Manager

So let me get this straight…we have cut the title race lead from 13 points to 1 point..11 clubs that have richer owners than ours:

Man City, Chelsea, United, Arsenal, Wolves, Villa, Crystal Palace, Newcastle, Leicester, Southampton, Tottenham

Out of the 9, only 1 team realistically competes with us for the title. Somehow, that one team is the richest team in the world and has multiple investigations of Financial Fairplay against them, past and present. They have never won the Champions League. The referee gifted them points against Arsenal and Everton.

If the “experts” on TV are still not ready to call Klopp the best manager in the world, then I am tired of waiting..and may be its time to stop calling these people “experts” altogether.


Uneswa students not payed their allowances

University of Eswatini students are crying foul after they have not been paid their allowances for March. The students made an agreement with the Ministry of Labour when they enrolled in the institution which included monthly payment of allowances.

It is not he first time the students not getting paid their allowances on time as the ministry has previously been disbursing allowances days after month end. This then resulted in student protests demanding their allowances.

The delay by the Ministry then becomes a problem to both off campus and on campus students. The main problem is that the students rely on the allowances for food and shelter.

“The government does not care about the life of a student in this country. We are can’t even look at our landlords because every month end we ask them to extend the payment deadlines while waiting for the disbursement of allowances,” said a social sciences third year student.

The students need the money to pay rent and buy food. Those living off campus are facing the problem of deadlines for rent payments since most landlords expect to be paid just when the month ends.

Those living in campus are facing a different problem since their rent is deducted from the allowances. Their main problem is that they rely on buying food rather than cooking since it is prohibited on campus.

The students remain hopeful that the Ministry will eventually pay their allowances because they signed a contract with the ministry and the contract is still standing. The ministry is expected to pay the students sooner before they engage in a strike demanding the payments.

Master of spotting talent

I have gotten so used to Klopp signing talented young players at bargain prices and them settling into the team instantly and seamlessly. Luis Diaz already looks like he has played at Anfield with Mane and Salah for 10 years. And we barely notice it how genius that is.

I only notice the genius of it when I look at Sancho, Varane Lukaku. Then I remember it takes a season for some top players to get used to Premier League. Then I remember that Grealish and Maguire are record signings bought from Premier League clubs and even they are not settled. Then I realize what a great job Klopp has done settling in Diaz and Jota so quickly. And then I realize that Mo Salah was the greatest first season impact story of all time, at a very bargain price. Then I realize that it’s all Klopp brain, the man is an utter Footballing genius.

Jurgen Klopp ‘The Difference’

In the last 25 years, no manager has consistently taken on and accomplished some seemingly impossible missions like Klopp has.

Manager Jurgen Klopp

2001 – When Klopp took over Mainz, they were fighting relegation from Bundesliga 2nd division. He streered them to a 14th place finish.

2002 – Mainz finished 4th and lost promotion by 1 point. In front of 10,000 fans in the city center, Klopp promised that they will be back stronger.

2003- Mainz lost promotion…by 1 goal difference.

2004 – Promoted to Bundesliga for the first time in club history.

2005 – 13th in Bundesliga.

From 2nd division relegation to Bundesliga 4 years. Mission impossible? Possible.

Eswatini King strongly condemns burning of property

His Majesty King Mswati III has urged Emaswati citizens to stop the burning of property in the country.

Eswatini is in the middle of a political crisis where political parties and the general public are fighting for democratic reforms including having a democratically elected Prime Minister.

His Majesty King Mswati III of the Kingdom of Eswatini

“Anyone seen participating in these arson attacks, their followers are known, and anything that will be burnt now, that will be a direct attack to the King. “

The King said this in his first speech of the year 2022 at Ngabezweni when he marked the end of the Incwala ceremony. He also mentioned that he only wants to see Emaswati living in peace.

Eswatini has long been regarded as a peaceful country until the advent of protests which were triggered by the death of a university student who was suspected to have died in the hands of the police. The citizens were at first protesting against police brutality.

The protests intensified and spread throughout the country in June and July last year where people were now demanding to have a democratically elected Prime Minister since for a long time the position is occupied by the King’s appointee.

The protests were mostly fueled by political parties which in the constitution do not exist in the country. There have been claims that the burning of property is initiated by Solidarity Forces.

These so called Solidarity Forces are claimed to have been an underground movement which is highly secretive. They have been targeting government structures like schools and royalty related structures

Football without Klopp- Opinion

I don’t think people (including some LFC fans) understand how different world Football will look without Klopp. People don’t understand the monster he is fighting everyday in Man City. This man is saving Football. Let me explain.

If Klopp leaves tomorrow morning, Man city will win the league by 25-30 points. City will cruise through the league every year and be well rested enough throughout the year to win the UCL and complete a quadruple. They will buy even more players.

Even if Guardiola leaves, City will still beat everyone handsomely. With 2 world class players for every position, the coach is only there to pluck fruits and take credit. This is the most powerful squad in Football history. Liverpool are far behind, by comparison. It is Klopp that fills the massive gap created by City’s money power and keeps them in check.

And then we have New Castle coming up. Football is on the verge of breaking apart. Klopp is tiny thread keeping it together.

4 Managers gunning for Premier League Manager of the Month

December has been a busy month of football in the English Premier League with Managers Pep Guardiola, Mikel Arteta, Antonio Conte and Jurgen Klopp aiming for the award from Barclays, the biggest sponsor of the English Premier League.

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City side remain top of the premier league following emphatic wins against Leeds (7-0) and Leicester City (6-3). Manchester City have been a marvelous side to watch in the Premier League as they are the only side to record a 100% win rate.

They played 7 games and won all of them which puts them 8 points clear at the top of the Premier League table. Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool are second after they played 5 games, won 5 and drew one. Guardiola remains favourite for the award.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 07: Josep Guardiola, Manager of Manchester City acknowledges the fans after the Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Manchester City at Anfield on October 7, 2018 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

The Reds have been a notable competitor for Manchester City in the English top flight league. During the 2019/20 season, the Reds were short of a point to match Manchester City on the summit of the table and we can only wait and watch how this one unfolds.

And of course we cannot rule out Antonio Conte and Mikel Arteta since they are also doing wonders with their clubs, Tottenham and Arsenal respectively. Tottenham has not recorded a loss since the beginning of the season

Tottenham also started the season on a high alert as they managed to take 3 wins and 2 draws from their first 5 matches. Antonio Conte is the only manager among the 4 to have only started his job right at the beginning of the season and his team has greatly improved.

Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal has played 6 times, won 4 and lost 2. He has been a glimmer of hope for most Gunners fans as he has managed to grind points with the youngest squad in the Premier League.

Pep is no genius

The media narrative about Pep being the best coach in the world and a genius is so hollow. The owners of Man City own 3 more teams that have won the league this year:

Melbourne City FC, Mumbai City FC, New York City FC.

City’s success is down to the owners. It’s repeating in other teams that they own. City won the league long before Pep arrived.

And the Champions League should have been won 2-3 times with such a massive spending but Pep has zero to show for it.

The fact that Man City broke the FFP rules to win should have been enough for the media to scrutinize Guardiola but they gave him a free pass and made him a hero.

Pep is a Barcelona man. Remember who else from Barcelona was gifted an award by the journalists recently? Messi. Klopp is probably only 2nd to Sir Alex and Guardiola shouldn’t even be in the picture. That’s the cold hard fact.

TAA Keeps improving- Thanks to Jurgen

At the academy, Trent was a right sided winger/midfielder. Klopp spotted his ability and had a vision to turn him into a deadly right back with all those attacking qualities of a midfielder.

Liverpool Right back Trent Alexander Arnold

Trent lacked stamina and skill it takes to play as right back. For this, he was thrown in front of the most attacking players in training for months. Every mistake was corrected, fitness was improved and all the midfielder laziness was motivated out of him. After a long hard grind, he was ready.

Klopp’s vision is finally appearing in full view this season. Dashing runs, spearing crosses, free kicks, log shots..he’s got it all.

Anybody can sign an established right back for 60 millon but it takes a special coach to bring it out of an academy midfielder kid and turn him into 90 million rated right back. One that can push ahead with Robbo and change the whole dimension of the game. The best in the world, coached by the best in the world.

Liverpool FC Exclusive

On Klopp’s first day at Liverpool, our Europa League results were 3 draws. 1-1 against Sion, Bordeaux and Rubin Kazan. 3rd in the group.

From there Klopp took us to the final and lead 1-0 at half time. Only to lose 1-3. Hours after the game, the dressing rooms was still silent. Klopp walks in..he tells everyone that laying on the floor and crying after a minor hurdle was a weak habit.

He told everyone to trust the process and move forward towards the bigger picture instead of wasting their life in that moment. And then started singing “We are Liverpool..tra la la la..”. Took everyone to the dance floor and partied all night.

Next season – top 4

Next season – Champions League final

Next season – Champions League winners

This season – 5 wins in 5 so far in the “group of death”